The innovative project management platform ShareProject

Technical clarifications, project documentation, data transfer, project schedule available at any time without location limitations.

How does it work?

ShareProject supports the implementation of projects in the building industry

ShareProject is an Internet platform supporting the completion of projects in the building and construction industry. The platform is a response to the needs of the industry, gathered on the basis of many years of experience in project execution in the power engineering, industrial and building sectors. The operation of the system is aimed at maximizing the efficiency of communication at every stage of project execution and optimizing the project documentation transfer processes. The platform is made available to our clients as part of the cooperation on a project.



Common base for conducting project clarifications, monitoring of communication


Project documentation

Distribution, navigation, storage and supervision of documentation


Data Transfer

Fast and easy data transfer via platform or file sharing


– Quick and easy documentation transfer.
– Distribution, navigation, storage and supervision of documentation.
– Access to documents on any mobile device without time and place limitations.


Document Management

Project document management is a key process in the execution of any project in the construction industry. The document management process consists of distribution and supervision of documents. An appropriate tool for the administration and control of project data and documentation allows for the optimization of the entire investment process. ShareProject guarantees the rapid transfer, distribution, navigation, cataloguing and monitoring of documentation.


ShareProject platform is aimed at increasing the efficiency of communication. A common base for conducting project clarifications between entities involved in the project, also with the use of mobile applications, designed in a user-friendly way, allows for fast, transparent communication and enables monitoring of issues requiring clarifications. The module has a built-in mechanism of reports and notifications.

Modular design

The modular design of the platform provides flexibility of use, the user can use all, or only selected modules that are customizable to individual needs.

Project schedule

The platform is equipped with a module for creating project schedules and managing schedules within a project and a project group. The module allows for a flexible division of the project into project scopes, stages and tasks, along with the allocation of resources for their implementation. The tool supports project planning and supervision, allows for a quick, clear and logical scheduling and tracking the progress of work.

Data transfer

Fast and easy file sharing, even with users who do not have access to the platform. Sharing is possible without limitations of place and time using all mobile devices.

Unlimited access

ShareProject is a web-based platform, does not require software installation and guarantees access from any location and mobile device, provided there is internet access.

ShareProject is a modular platform that comprehensively supports management through modules:

Technical clarification

Module supporting technical clarifications

Technical documentation

Module for project documentation management and documentation transfer


Module for managing project schedulesi

Data transfer

Module for documents transferring


Access to project information, contact matrix, parties involved, project location


Calendar of project meetings and events